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Marin Man to Man is a drop-in, dues-free support group open to any male whose partner has, or has had, breast cancer (or another life-threatening disease).

It also welcomes any man who has had breast cancer himself.

The breakfast group, which marked its 20th year in 2013, meets weekly on Wednesdays in Denny's restaurant, Corte Madera.

groupAlthough the members are apt to talk about -- and even laugh about -- virtually anything, their emphasis is on making newcomers, and each other, feel less isolated, uncertain, misunderstood or afraid.

Marin Man to Man meets to exchange views, concerns and information. It has no facilitator, but the common interests of the group and respect for each other create a mutual bond.

The men provide an easygoing, compassionate forum in which each member can discuss and understand the difficulties of being a prime caregiver.

Long-term members share how they have strived to be supportive and loving, and how each man can reassure his partner that both she and their relationship are likely to survive. Current members share, too, how to cope with the frustration of their needs often coming second to those of their partners.

Marin Man to Man provides a non-judgmental environment that lets new attendees learn from those who are -- or have been -- in similar places.

More information is available by writing Woody Weingarten, chair, or Marv Edelstein, vice chair/treasurer, at info@Marin-Man-to-Man.org (or calling Woody at [415] 459-3434).


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